Timeless design, centuries-old techniques.

One should never have to sacrifice durability for beauty. Our philosophy is built into every piece we make.

Brett Yarish is a furniture designer and maker based in Vancouver, British Columbia. He creates simple and elegant furniture that will age beautifully through generations of use. Brett takes pride in ensuring the beauty of a tree lives long after the tree has been felled, and when using raw slab material he tends to let the material dictate the final design.

Brett is almost entirely self taught; throughout his childhood he spent countless hours watching his father and grandfather build furniture. Over time, Brett has developed his skills and also defined his style as a maker. 

Brett has always been fascinated with wood; not only the countless capabilities it has but also the many different species. Working in the beautiful Pacific Northwest has given him access to some of the most sought after wood on earth; Brett's particular favourites are Claro Walnut and Big Leaf Western Maple.

The majority of the materials used in his pieces are from responsibly harvested trees, either fallen from decay, storms, or land development. 

brett yarish furniture